Dear Pattaya Bar Owners – Daniel Vaupel At Tamar Works with The Exodus Road

Daniel Vaupel sends his wife into bars with other Christian women to spy on their bars and also reports back to The Exodus Road, he wants all bars in Pattaya gone. He says all bar owners are evil.

Here is Tamar’s most recent newsletter written By Daniel, who was recently exposed as part of The Exodus Road Team.  Daniel Vaupel says all bar owners are evil.

Daniel was exposed as one of The Exodus Road team.

Read the parts of his newsletter highlighted in bold,  Daniel is making out some girls are underage and trying to push his religion on Pattaya’s tourists and girls on soi 6 and soi 7.

Daniel and his wife make a living off pretending to rescue girls from the bars, but they do not rescue any women.  They just try to keep their jobs by going around giving gifts talking to good hearted Thai people, who are too polite or poor to tell them to go away.  They are manipulative Christian people who only gift something to try and brainwash Thai people.

The Christian people Tamar used during Pattaya Praise to go around harassing Thai women are costing these girls lost customers, just so Daniel can live his Pattaya dream and stay here. They affect these girls livelihoods, but they claim they want to help. They are causing hatred for the good Christians that mind their own business and really help.

Thai people do not want to be told what to do or convert to Christianity. When will everyone stand up and get these people thrown out of our town?

Daniel works in the office upstairs in Tamar Bakery on 3rd road, if anyone wants to meet him to discuss his charity trying to shut soi 6 and soi 7 down. Daniel says bar owners are evil and thinks sex tourists should be banned from Thailand.

Tamar offer English lessons to Thai women, so they can teach them about Jesus, nothing worst than manipulative people and trying to get bars in Pattaya closed.  Daniel denies being part of The Exodus Road, but he has remarked he is very happy that they set up bar owners. (insiders have told us) and he’s feeding them information about who owns what bars.

They offer no alternative work for the girls that earn an absolute fortune in the bars, who better there lives and their family lives.  They are not as nasty or dishonest as The Exodus Road, but they do want the bars shut down. They are an enemy to every business in Pattaya, as covid proven, without the bars, the hotels and all other businesses were dead.

Hello everyone!

February has been an amazing month for us at Tamar Center. We are very thankful that everything went smoothly and that we were able to welcome many visitors and friends. But let us start at the beginning:
At the beginning of the month, a team from Nancy came for their yearly visit. They helped with English Class, taught our Hairdressers some new skills, did the daily bible studies with the women, helped with Group Counseling and with the Services on Friday and Sundays! They were everywhere, very friendly and helpful and a great encouragement to our team. They also kept our Restaurant team busy with ordering lot’s of food! 😊 They are gone now, but we look forward to their visit next year already!

On the 13th of February we had our big Valentine’s Day Outreach. This year we had the biggest team ever – with sixty-one women participating in the distribution and a team of men praying in the prayer room of Soi 6 during the whole Outreach. In the morning of the day, we packed one thousand Valentine Gift Bags for the women working in the Bars. These packs included an adult coloring book based on 1. Corinthians 13 with bible verses in Thai and English, a pack of colored pencils, an evangelistic book, a Tamar made bracelet, a special heart cookie from our bakery, a bottle of lotion, info’s about Tamar’s Training Program and a rose! We had a wonderful time packing the bags together with different teams and Worship Church from the Netherlands lead us in a time of worship before we had a briefing and went out. We concentrated on two areas of Pattaya, Soi 7 and 8, and there especially on the smaller side streets that we normally do not reach and Soi Buakhao. One of our teams came past a small shop that advertised “special massages” and had three incredibly young girls sitting in front of them. When our team offered them the gift bags, they were totally surprised that someone wanted to give them a gift. They were happy and asked the team to wait so that they could get the other four women that worked inside to come out to receive a bag as well. All seven of them were under 20 years old, most of them only for a couple of weeks in Pattaya and very interested to learn English. One of them told the team that she was very thankful that she could learn English for free with us. On the day after Valentine Outreach, five women came to our English Class. We are not sure if somewhere from this place, but we trust that God will bring them at the right time!
From there we went straight into Pattaya Praise. After some years of not having Pattaya Praise we came together with almost three hundred people for the evening opening at the Baptist Camp in Jomtien. It was amazing to worship with everyone again and people were excited to have Pattaya Praise again. The next morning, we joined with the churches for a long prayer walk around Pattaya and in the afternoon Worship started in Soi 6, in front of the Tamar Hair Salon. We had planned to worship there for two days for two hours each but extended it for a third day. U-Turn and Worship Church from the Netherlands as well as the Irish team played every day and you could feel the atmosphere change when they played. It was amazing, some women form the bars came and joined in, some stayed away. We had some good conversations with some of the men walking by and only very few got angry with us. But most importantly we were able to proclaim the name of Jesus over Soi 6 and Pattaya. We are thankful that many visitors from Pattaya Praise came and joined so that there was this crowd of people around, worshipping and praying! We trust that the atmosphere changed, and that God will do his work in Soi 6!
After the sets in Soi 6 we moved five hundred meter further to Central Marina where the main stage for Pattaya Praise was set up and where we had worship from 18.00 to 24.00 each night! The different bands and churches worked hand in hand, we had a good atmosphere and people from the different churches and ministries came together to worship as one big family. We hope that the attached pictures will give you an impression about Pattaya Praise. It was not just a big concert, but it was the body of Christ coming together to worship Jesus and to speak the name of Jesus over Pattaya. One member of the Irish Team was the one that actually wrote the lyrics for “God of the City,” and we closed Pattaya Praise with singing this song and him praying for all of us in the city and trusting that God will do greater things in the city!
It was also nice to see several of our former women coming to Pattaya Praise, worshipping with us, and catching up with everyone. Thank you also for the many guests that came especially from the Netherlands to be with us! We cannot wait for the next Pattaya Praise!!!For the Tamar Family

Here are the pictures in full size, so you can take a better look at all their faces.

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