Our Plan To Save Underage Girls and Good Christians from The Evil Exodus Road Colorado Springs Non-profit for profits.

Matt and Laura Parker put up a good front behind glossy photos, but underneath, they are evil people who exploit little vulnerable children, poor countries, and poor adults, and they use donation money to bribe officials and vulnerable people.  Putting innocent people in jail and destroying lives.

Why does this website exist?

Matt Parker has exploited many people for his personal gain, but many Christians, especially those beside him, are getting paid, so they keep quiet.  But there are many angry donors, angry ex-staff and people who see through the fake rescues. The human trafficking community has had enough?

Matt Parker says we are all evil human traffickers.

Matt was expected to use the martyr card, and we even called it out before he did it. Ask Matt why the FBI looked into him? and is currently investigating him.

Ask him why The Exodus Road do fake rescues and no aftercare.  Ask for real evidence of the fake rescues of willing women, and where are the prostitutes now?

Ask him why catching a prostitute is a trafficking rescue and especially when they go out working again the next day.

Ask him why his organisation says it’s not religious but is funded by Christians and run by Christians and illegally uses donors’ money to spread the word of Jesus. Why is it called The Exodus Road if not religious?  Matt Parker said God told him to call it that the exodus road refers to the exodus led by Moses when Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt,

Ask him why he spends so much on himself, salaries, and entertainment. If he truly cared, he would live a selfless life like Jesus.

Ask him why he lies about working with Thai police and how much he bribes them to say they work together.

Ask him why his operatives (directors) have sex with the working girls using donation money,  Why don’t they check ladyboy bars or gay bars?  Why aren’t they going after real human trafficking?

“we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men”

Transparency Required By The Exodus Road

They should admit they are a Christian anti-prostitution charity that sets up prostitutes into police traps or any associated people.  They are not working against any real trafficking and they should admit they blow funding on spreading the word of Jesus.

We will continue to expose The Exodus Road until they stop setting up good people just to look good when they stop deceiving and lying to Christian donors.

They need to go after real cases and stop lying about rescuing people when they are often bribing underage to go fool someone to get work.

Behind Enemy Lines is the Biggest Lie of this fake non-profit for profit

We have complained to The Exodus Road. Obviously, Matt isn’t going to respond to any complaints or critisms about him; we have contacted his church Pulpit Rock Church, and all of his main donors, but everyone believes him that we are all evil human traffickers.

Believe me, we are a group of mostly Christian people who are disgusted with the unethical, immoral and illegal methods that The Exodus Road uses to fake results.  No one is this determined for little reason. The lies and deception has to stop and we need everyone to speak out and stand up.

We want justice for the children who are victims of Edwin Desamour and Matt Parker. Let’s pray for the children. Read about Edwin Desamour procuring a 15 year old girl to plant her into a business and had sex with her also.

We will stop when The Exodus Road starts operating like it says it does. They should stay in the USA, where they are under scrutiny, and the world will be safe from their evil hands.

Here are some Christian co-signers speaking against The Exodus Road taken from The Exodus Road Open Letter

Even Tamar group recently spoke out about The Exodus Road, saying that they are evil and dangerous after it was found out that Daniel was part of The Exodus Roads illegal ops team.

Please check our linktree for the best articles we found that need sharing.



Convicted Drug Dealer and Killer of a police son is The Exodus Roads Director – used to do hit jobs
Matt and Laura Parker Mislead donors
Mary Nikkel is willing to make up lies/stories to get more donations for the exodus road. We have asked her to stop lying but she plays the martyr card. She is happy to lie to donors, she is not to be trusted.


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