Reasons why The Exodus Road has caused more human trafficking

The Exodus Road creates a problem that it then purports to resolve. It does not actually address the systems or the drivers of the problem that it purports to resolve. As such, it produces no long-term impact on the very issue that it purports to address. It merely exists to justify its own existence and to enrich itself. This erodes trust in and disempowers other organizations that truly might make a difference, and ultimately harms the individuals this charity purports to benefit. This charity’s focus is on the flashy social media image of a purported rescue, rather than the complexity of a real solution. Because of the vast geographic distance between the donors and the activities of the charity, it is easy for the charity to distort its actions, to the detriment of the very individuals that it purports to help.

Creating situations that wouldn’t have existed

The Exodus Road has taken money away from good charities, that could have saved thousands of real trafficking cases

Wasting money on large salaries for a lavish lifestyle in Thailand

Forcing normal sex workers to convert children into working just for a raid

The focus of this charity is on how the giver feels. So the charity creates a patronizing relationship where the charity exploits then rescues girls, rather than address the actual complex systemic issues. The focus is on a purported quick rescue, which is in reality a staged event where the underlying poverty is never addressed. Worse yet, this diminishes local trust in all charitable organizations, which makes it more difficult for organizations truly trying to make systemic improvements to the cycle of poverty. The extreme geographic and cultural distances between this charity and its donors eliminates accountability and has allowed corruption and exploitation by this charity to flourish, all at the expense of the people it purports to help, other charities attempting to address the complexity of the real issues, and this charity’s well-meaning donors who truly want to make the world a better place. True change involves working with the local communities to improve their situation. It does not involve foreigners coming in and further marginalizing weak communities by assuming it knows best, and using its power imbalance to dehumanize the recipient.

Supporting bars and sex workers under the guise of undercover work. (Not increasing real cases of human trafficking but it’s not right when donors hand money over in good faith)

Threatening females to say they were forced to have sex, even though they applied by themselves and are free. Creating convictions but no crime was committed and no one was saved

Targeting good business owners doing the right thing, meaning less safety for sex workers

Targeting wealthy owners who are trying to support girls properly

Stipulating they are helping girls, but hanging them out to dry facing the wrath of the innocent business owners that went to jail or are in lengthy legal battles. The girls have no aftercare, they are told to lie about their bosses, go to a government home for a few weeks and they are back working in different places but now they have damaged lives and no protection from angry victims.

Instead of The Exodus Road staying in their own country and helping the tens of thousands of abused children they choose to come here outside of the public eye so they can cheat lie and steal from the Christian Community

Coercing/paying younger ladies to do sex work just to target business owners and then abandoning them once they are left to the system. Leaving their families broken without money to pay for any physical, psychological or emotional damaged caused by these individuals claiming to help ladies. They offer mamasans 600 USD to employ them

Who is responsible for currently running The Exodus Road and misleading all of the donors?

Matt Parker and Laura Parker pay themselves 180,000 usd a year for a lavish lifestyle in Thailand. And Ted Rusinoff has joined the gravy train, we assumed he was probably naïve but he hasn’t answered any of our messages. Based on what I said above because these business people wanted to create a misleading charity to have a lavish lifestyle, many children haven’t been saved because money didn’t go to the honest charities.

Matt and Laura Parker Mislead donors
Ted Rusinoff is now the finance guy on a large salary, his job is getting even more donations from MDRT which he is involved

Ted Rusinoff is one of the guys in charge of MDRT and is now involved with The Exodus Road, he will be making sure he gets a large salary proportionate to the money he gets donated from MDRT to this misleading business disguised as a charity. He joined 27th of June 2023 and 3 months later more donations. But let’s give Ted the benefit of the doubt, maybe he’s never left USA and has been misled also.


More questions before you donate

If the goal is to stop human trafficking of minors and not prostitution and has no religious angle as they claim why have they never worked actively with bar owners doing the right thing, providing say training or offering assistance on spotting fake ids, or telling them that they have an underage girl working for them, helping those sex workers in need like SWING does, why does it seem they treat the entire industry as an enemy versus if they truly wanted to help engage the industry in an honest dialogue, etc. I’m surprised donors don’t ask these questions something to think about.

The Exodus Road is anti-prostitution, which is the secret goal opposed to rescuing real victims.

Why has The Exodus Road never openly been involved in trying to reform and legalise the prostitution laws in Thailand like SWING has which would provide a much better legal infrastructure for workers who want to work, which they (falsely) claim they aren’t opposed to and allow a much more robust and practical system to be implemented to prevent underage workers. The answer, of course, is many of their donors would be opposed to this, but exploring why it actually makes sense to legalise the industry versus keeping it in this quasi-state would reduce human trafficking, as many legitimate groups have explained for years.

Are these businessmen running this not-for-profit for as much gain as possible? As you can clearly see from how they act, they only care about getting more donations in, and everyone around them shuts it, or they are thrown off the gravy train.

If you are a victim of The Exodus Road, please contact us

You can read more about how they operate their business here

The Exodus Road Open Letter

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