Frequently Asked Questions about The Exodus Road / FAQ

Is The Exodus Road Legit?

The Exodus Road is a commercial business pretending to be a charity, over 90% of the money donated goes towards entertainment costs, staff salaries, 5-star hotel bills, sex with prostitutes pretending to be undercover, and paying people to set up innocent business owners. They pay corrupt officials and desperate staff in businesses to find underage girls to make them work just before the police raid them. Reasons Why The Exodus Road is causing more human trafficking.

They do no aftercare and they rarely save real trafficked people.  So they are not legit, just as other charity founders have criticized them for.

Is The Exodus Road Credible?

No, they rarely rescue children and quite often they have actually paid children to have sex and paid corrupt police to get business owners into trouble.

Is the Exodus Road Religious?

They claim not to be religious, but most of their money comes from anti-prostitution Christians, and Christian housewives who have no idea how other countries operate, this is why they pretend to rescue children, to appeal to women’s emotions to feed Matt and Laura Parker’s greedy 280,000 USD annual salaries. Both Matt and Laura are Christian but they do not uphold Christian values, they are using all the church money to go after prostitution, using human trafficking as an excuse. And they spend 141,000 in Thailand on trying to convert Buddhist women into Christians, they are not rescued women.  They call this a mentorship to avoid scrutiny. But they are trying to find people at their lowest ebb to try and convert them to Christianity.  Are Christian Churches being exploited by The Exodus Road?

What does the Exodus Road do?

Most of the arrests they caused are set up using money from donations, they are causing problems that never existed, and they are paying desperate people to bring young girls into the nightlife industry just to put innocent people in jail. They use 90% of donations to fund their own business and lavish lifestyles,  the rest goes towards paying corrupt officials and desperate people to get underage children into bars,  so they can try to shut down prostitution.  They save money by doing no investigations or aftercare. Paying corrupt officials is cheaper.  What is The Exodus Road true Goal?

Why do they send 341,000 usd (entertainment and travel) + 141,000 usd (Freedom Home) a year to Thailand?

Matt and Laura Parker have a home up north of Thailand,  they have a lavish 5 star lifestyle in Thailand and they are using the money towards building a future for their retirement, they say the money is for investigations and Freedom Home, but we have already exposed them for not investigating, no aftercare and only spending money on paying people/officials to find children to set up business owners.

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