When, why and how did Matt Parker from The Exodus Road become corrupt and greedy?

Inspired by Mary Nikkel Christian writer. Written  12th March 2024

Matt and Laura Parker moved to Thailand in April 2010. They claimed in self-written interviews to have helped with hill tribes in the North of Thailand, but no photos have been found online. While they lived near Chiang Mai, Matt started visiting the open aired legal brothels/bars in Loi Kroh for a bit of happy endings.  Matt quickly realised he could use these prostitutes to get female Evangelicals’ sympathy and donations by lying that they are enslaved, even though it’s a common and accepted industry in Asia. Also, he was able to do what he enjoyed best: visit the bars for sex and fun whilst pretending to investigate.

In the written paragraph at the bottom of this article, copied from Ministry Watch. https://db.ministrywatch.com/ministry.php?ein=461384815  Matt Parker lied about becoming a police officer in Thailand. (100% impossible unless you are born Thai) But it also shows when his addiction to bars and sex with prostitutes started, admitting he had visited hundreds of bars/brothels in Thailand in 2010-2012 before he even started his non-profit for profit. Then, he properly monetised his sex addiction in 2012 by forming The Exodus Road.  No one can go into hundreds of brothels and not have sex without raising suspicion, so Matt tells his male volunteers that taking the ladies for sex is part of the undercover work, which has created a huge backlash from whistleblowers in the open letter investigation/scandal. Causing donors to be angry about their money going on sex services to pleasure the Christian male “investigators” (Matt’s friends),  who also get a free holiday and nice hotels.

Matt Parker 4500 USD Sex Tours

Insider ex-volenteer Sarah Quinn told us that when Matt Parker started his 4500 USD sex tours,  under the guise of undercover work, he was getting a lot of criticism from honest charities, he was inviting pastors and other Christians on sex tours in Thailand bars, and they pretended they were going undercover, but there was a few angry wives and a few whistleblowers.  There is no real reason to go to these open aired brothels because there is zero trafficking, this is why they started planting underage girls to give them reasons to keep going into the bars to get their sexual kicks.

Sarah told our team, “In 2016, Matt Parker started making too much money after three years of running his non-profit for profit, he started getting greedy, started his Christian backed anti-prostitute campaign and was physically more aggressive with the working girls and the American volunteers grabbing many by the pussies in the bars,  then in 2018 the big scandal came out about Matt Parker, but most of it was still covered up and kept quiet, but one day his victims will step forward”

Furor Erupts over anti-sex trafficker Exodus Road – written by Matthew Carroll 2021

Matt Parker got greedy, paying for sex for his volunteers to keep them silenced, living a lavish and luxurious lifestyle and hiding money in Thailand for his retirement – he wants to be around the lady bars forever. He will always be visiting the bars, and Laura Parker accepted a long time ago to let him have his fun; after all, she’s making a lot of money for an expensive lifestyle. Matt is no different to the millions of American sex tourists that visit Philippines, Thailand,  India and Latin America. (It’s no coincidence he visits all these places often, what about real trafficking in Africa, but black women do not sexually interest Matt Parker, he likes young looking small Asians)

Matt and Laura Parker probably started out honest, but their greed for money and his addiction to sex with young women got crazier; many male NGOs fall into the same trap; they visit these brothels/bars in Asia, and they realise the girls don’t need to be saved and they fall in love with several girls.  Daniel from Tamar Pattaya Centre admitted most of the Christian men who come over to help him ended up having sex with many working girls, so he only now employs females, but he has also been accused of having sex with the girls they say they are rescuing.  Male Christian missionaries choose to volunteer in Thailand for cheap sex. Matt Parker found out quickly he could charge his friends for sex tours and give them cover that they were undercover.  It was a genius move to be fair, lots of married men want to come to Thailand for sex without their wives finding out, they need a good excuse to visit Thailand, and Matt Parker provides that excuse.

This is a creepy video of Matt 8 years ago in 2016, probably when he wasn’t greedy yet and before he started setting people up, but he was already lying that the girls he was having sex with were enslaved. https://fb.watch/qKVdkO5GZY/

Around 2020, Matt Parker got more aggressive with paying corrupt police to set people up, lie about rescues, and even Edwin Desamour, one of his directors, recently had sex with a 15-year-old that they used to set someone up.

This is 5 years of fake rescues, with no after care, no real training for officers (just photos) and paying for conference rent.

Sadly, The Exodus Road was set to fail from the start because Matt Parker was already addicted to prostitutes from 2010 when he arrived in Thailand. That’s why he focuses on going after legal bars, where he can have a good time; that’s another reason why they don’t go after ladyboy bars, gay bars or real rescues.  They stopped helping the hill tribes because Matt got bored and he liked hanging around lady bars.

In 2023, Matt Parker’s greed and desire to shut down prostitution instead of helping with human trafficking or real cases got him into a lot of trouble.

A group of victims have got together to expose Matt Parker while an FBI investigation is ongoing, and they are considering closing down his tax-exempt status.

Please read some of the articles on various websites linked below.  Even if you don’t stand up, there are better places you can donate your money if you are funding these rich people living their lives up while they pay underage girls to do sex work just to get donations up.




The Exodus Road began through the journey and work of co-founders Matt and Laura Parker. Moving to SE Asia with their family in April 2010, Matt and Laura initially directed a children’s home for hill-tribe girls in rural Northern Thailand. During that time, Matt and Laura were exposed to marginalized people groups – targets for human trafficking. Eventually, Matt began networking with NGOs and local police to learn about the problem at the ground level. After a period of research, he was deputized by police and started working personally to find those trapped in slavery as an undercover investigator. Armed with hidden body-worn cameras, he posed as a “john,” a man interested in sex for sale, and gathered evidence for police partners. It was gritty work that neither of them expected when they first began their journey.

After investigating hundreds of bars and brothels throughout SE Asia with police, Matt and Laura began The Exodus Road in January of 2012 with the belief that justice is in the hands of ordinary people – just like them.

Matt and Laura have since been joined by a diverse group of committed staff and volunteers active in multiple countries around the world. Matt serves as the CEO of the organization, while Laura serves as President. After living overseas for seven years, their home base is now Colorado Springs, CO.”  From Ministry Watch 


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