The Exodus Road Fake Reviews on

The Exodus Road use as a source of credibility despite the heavy criticism from charity watch.

Our Investigation Team went over just some of the reviews on greatnonprofits, because everything to do with The Exodus Road is smoke and mirrors, so we expected fake reviews.

On the website, we quickly noticed there was 12 reviews on 10/25/23 which would have been an order from the dictator CEO Jonathan Matt Parker to the marketing director Preston Goff to get all his family to make some reviews as no one else will do it. All the reviews we looked at come from Preston Goffs (marketing director) family and wives family.

The first review is from Preston Goffs Dad Brett Goff. Preston Goff is labelled as a creative director at The Exodus Road aka the marketing guy.

KR Weissend is the wife of Beau Weissend (both reviews below,) who is friends with The Exodus Road marketing boss. Preston Goff.

Larissa Goff is The Exodus Road marketing director Preston Goff’s Mum.


Sonia Meeter labels herself as a donor, but she’s a director of partnerships at The Exodus Road

Preston Goff wrote this review and he’s the creative director (marketing guy)


Andrew Hoskins who gets paid 111,000 USD+ a year by The Exodus Road, for part-time work, also left a review.


The Whitney review below is Preston Goff’s wife’s family.  His wife is called Kira Whitney Preston, with her maiden name put as her middle name.

The 2nd review below is Kira Whitney, who is Preston Goff’s wife again.



“Drew the white rice” is a sex tourist who uses The Exodus Road donation money to have sex with prostitutes under the guise he’s doing undercover work.  There is no underage in the brothels he visits.  He’s called a delta operative; they use these army terms to create drama and act like they are doing something serious or dangerous.

The next Review is one of Kira Goff’s (Preston Goffs) friends and family members. See Facebook screenshot of Kara Linden Meyer below and Courtney Meyer.


As you can see, it’s against the terms and conditions at, we will be reporting them today because they need to be aware that their system is being abused.  Please report them if you have time and flag each review, together we can save more Christians being tricked out of millions of USD per year.


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